To create synergies, to use available resources and expertise outside UCY, promoting the work and results of C4E in the Cypriot society, the surrounding countries and the European Union. A key component of a University business ecosystem is the interface with the formed national entrepreneurial ecosystem and knowledge centers of excellence abroad. C4E seeks strategic cooperation with a small number of selected centers, which feature business accelerators (accelerators), pre-basic in investment funds and regularly organize  business and innovation and promote entrepreneurship competitions. Furthermore, a key goal of networking is to promote the mobility of students and researchers to and from these centers for knowledge transfer, exchange of expertise and experiences, ultimately leading the fostering of human networks. Also, C4E will pursue networking and collaboration with stakeholders in Cyprus, such as companies and private-sector organizations, startups, auditing firms, voluntary bodies in innovation, other universities and research centers, the Research Promotion Foundation, governmental departments, local authorities etc.

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