Support and mentor the University community in their quest of transferring their research results or innovative ideas to the local or international business market. To this end, C4E will seek to attract and develop the necessary expertise for advice and know-how in relevant matters of:

  1. research results utilization and intellectual property rights
  2. setting up and financing startups
  3. business plan compilation
  4. specialized scientific knowledge
  5. attracting external funding for startups
  6. access to advanced research infrastructures and databases
  7. access to foreign markets and innovation centers


Moreover, C4E will establish those procedures for the identification and promotion of ideas and research results, as well as the evaluation of their respective market potential. For these purposes C4E will identify and record expertise, know-how and infrastructure of the UCY. Furthermore, it will also consider the creation of state-of-the-art maker spaces to support product prototyping.

Finally, C4E will encourage the development of innovative ideas from UCY researchers and students for the construction of prototypes by attracting financial resources and through access to housing facilities and infrastructure.

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