Finding the right marketing approach – Framework and tools


What is good marketing? When asking ten people on the street, you will probably receive ten different answers. 

Surely, big marketing campaigns from famous companies and catchy slogans such as Nike’s “Just do it” come to mind and probably everyone would agree that those are examples of good, even great marketing. And when thinking of the people behind the scene, maybe one may imagine the fictional, though not less iconic, Don Draper from the TV show Mad Men.

Most of the examples people might think of have one big thing in common: A big budget behind it and probably a company, that can put a big budget behind it.

The truth is: There are many examples of successful marketing campaigns and marketing strategies.

Also, true: There are many more examples of marketing campaigns and strategies that have failed miserably.

Yet another truth: There is no tailor-made solution. Especially as a startup / young company you will probably have to test different approaches, before finding the right one for you. What you want to avoid is spending too much time and too many resources on the wrong approaches. While it is certainly theoretically possible to test a lot of different approaches, it certainly is not feasible.

And while the question, what is good marketing may be a good question, the more relevant one for people setting up a startup may actually be: What is the right marketing for our company?

In this workshop we aim at developing tools and frameworks to answer this question for your startup. Specifically, key deliverables are:

   1.  Understanding the fundamental do’s and don’ts for evaluating marketing approaches based on a startup’s product and its financial setup.

   2.  Being able to understand your target audience and evaluate through which channels to best engage with them.

   3.  Creating a marketing roadmap and learning how to deal with red flags when they come up.


C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Fall 2021
CyEC 2021 Acceleration Program


Trainer: Gabriel Colic

Gabriel Colic is currently co-founder and General Manager for Cyprus at FlexCar - the flexible all-inclusive car subscription alternative to regular buying, financing and leasing. Prior to FlexCar Gabriel has been working in Business Development at Berlin based tech scale-up Grover, setting up and managing the B2B department and gained initial experience in corporate M&A, Institutional Sales and HR within the German financial sector. Gabriel holds a degree in Economics from Maastricht University and the University of Munich.



When: Saturday November 13, 11:00-14:00

Where: Online


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