CYEC 2021 Finalists, winners and final remarks

This year’s CyEC2021 was full of great many things.

First of all, we changed our brand and image, for better communication and relevance, followed by accepting many interesting applications with different business ideas.

We then continued with our acceleration program, comprising of six practical workshops, led by great experts in business development, legal and tax, marketing, product market fit, and communication, to help the teams speed up their process and refine the aspects of their business plan. And we did all of this within two months, two fantastic months, where we had the chance to interact, exchange, learn and grow together.

Working together as a team, capitalizing on our mentor’s network with their vast business experience, we all accomplished a lot, and we needed to showcase our achievements, for which we organized the Awards Ceremony to share with all of you the good news, introduce the winners and celebrate entrepreneurship.
We are very proud of all seven participating teams, for showing commitment and dedication to their business idea, for actively participating in the accelerator and tirelessly working towards achieving greater results. We thank them all for being part of the CyEC 2021 journey and we are positive that they all have the skills to take their business idea further.

This year we had diverse teams from different sectors:

1. Atokes – sector: retail, fintech
2. BizView – sector: HR, enterprise technology
3. BolsterUp – sector: construction, data & analytics, machine learning
4. Intellar – sector: IsurTech, advisory, digital transformation
5. Renewable Z – sector: renewable energy
6. S3 (Secure Smart Systems) – sector: ICT, cybersecurity
7. SportLink – sector: fitness

As with every competition we had to indicate the finalists who successfully overcame the challenges and outperformed the rest of the teams based on the CyEC 2021 evaluation criteria. The three teams that showed dedication, competence and demonstrated abilities necessary for successful implementation of their business idea are:
S3 (Secure Smart Systems), coming third with a price of 4000 euros, with their innovative tool for Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT platforms.
The team Intellar, with their platform offering automation and AI to the insurance industry, managed to secure the second place with an award of 6000 euros.

Finally, the big winner of this year’ Entrepreneurship Competition, who got the price of 10.000 euros, to take their business further is; BolsterUp with their centralized interactive platform for the construction industry!
It has been indeed a fantastic journey with some great experiences and fantastic outcomes, that made us all look forward to next year’ Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition.


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