Getting an idea off the ground; the BolsterUp journey


You have an idea. You are convinced that it solves an actual problem out there. You keep thinking about it, every day more convinced that you should explore this further. But where do you start? How does it change from an idea to reality? How does the transition to a running company happen? What’s the best road to take?
Every entrepreneur and founder will give you a different answer and a personal story. But all stories will have things in common; the sheer determination to make this work, confidence in their abilities, excitement about the journey they are about to embark on and timing. The good thing is that all these are variables that can be controlled.
After that it is a matter of putting the time and effort into your new business, continuously validating and adapting to market needs, meeting the right people along the way and taking advantage of every single opportunity in front of you. Like a good chess game; make the right moves and you will be rewarded.
Getting there can be done in hundreds of different ways; everyone’s journey is unique.
This session focuses on the journey of BolsterUp and its Founders. Still very early days for the business, we hope to relay some confidence in getting started with your own ideas, through touching upon our personal experiences.
We look forward to sharing our perspective and hearing your thoughts and ideas.


C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Spring 2022


The Speakers: Ioanna Krashia and Sotiris Pittas, BolsterUp Founders and Winners of CyEC2021

Ioanna Krashia:
Ioanna is a graduate of the University of Manchester with a degree in 
Accounting & Finance and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.
Upon qualification, Ioanna moved to Dubai to continue her career in Deloitte Dubai as part of the Financial Advisory Services team, specializing in feasibility studies and valuations for major infrastructure projects, high-rise developments and entertainment venues.
In 2015 Ioanna moved to Sydney, Australia where she transitioned to the area of innovative technologies and their application. She worked as a Product & Customer Success Manager for a financial intelligence tool, expanding its operations to AU & NZ.
In 2017, Ioanna became the head of product and key member of the Eclair Group, a start-up developing an innovative platform responsible for the design of automation plans and the monitoring and management of robotic workforces in real time. Ioanna was instrumental in building the platform from the ground up, until its successful acquisition by Deloitte Australia.
Since 2019, Ioanna has been a Director in the department of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Transformation of Deloitte Australia.

Sotiris Pittas:
Sotiris holds a BEng and MsC in Civil Engineering from the University of Manchester. He is also qualified as a Chartered Structural Engineer (MIEAust CPEng) from the body of Australian Engineers.
In 2011 he joined the BESIX Group and relocated to the UAE, where he worked in some of the most prestigious projects in the region as a Structural Engineer.
In 2017 Sotiris relocated to Australia, where he was the technical representative of the BESIX Group in Australia and New Zealand markets, reporting directly to the National Manager. His responsibilities included examining major business development opportunities, coordinating tenders submissions, acquiring the appropriate resources for projects and coordinating between the clients and the construction parties.
Since 2019, Sotiris has been based in Cyprus, where he holds the position of the Director in the Contractors’ Council. Sotiris has a vast experience and understanding of the construction industry, as well as an extensive professional 
network from three different markets.


When: Wednesday January 26, 17:00-18:30


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