“Fostering the journey from research to entrepreneurship”: Present debates and future directions for the Cyprus ecosystem



While the distinction between basic and applied research is often vague, opportunities to commercialize new knowledge can come from both. University researchers, entrepreneurs, and even technologists and managers in private companies can often intermediate between knowledge and commercial products, and even help push a-priori unspecific and unpredictable outcomes towards profitable ventures. Who are the people that can do this? How can we move them from the edges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to the forefront? How can we create world-class research that balances academic excellence with a persistent commitment to social, economic and environmental progress?


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum: “The Curious Entrepreneur” - The PwC Distinguished Lecture 



Philippos Soseilos - CEO & Chairman, PwC Cyprus



Professor Costas Andriopoulos

Professor Marios Dikaiakos, Chairman C4E Council

Dr Maria Terzi Co-founder & CEO, Malloc Inc

Dr Olympia Pachoumi, Innovation Hub Manager at KIOS CoE


When: Wednesday November 30, 10:45-12:00

Where: Auditorium B108, Anastasios Leventis Council & Senate Building, University of Cyprus


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