Successful AI & Business Automation Workshop at the University of Cyprus


Unity Growth and University of Cyprus Collaborate to Host a Successful AI & Business Automation Workshop

Nicosia, 17 November 2023: In a remarkable collaboration, Unity Growth partnered with the University of Cyprus to organize the "AI & Business Automation 101" workshop, a significant event hosted at the University's campus. The highly anticipated "AI & Business Automation 101" workshop, was a groundbreaking event that brought together students, professors, professionals, and AI enthusiasts in a fully-booked venue with more than 100 attendees.

The workshop catered to a diverse audience, led by Hess Adnani, Co-Founder and Marketing/Launch Expert of Unity Growth. The event covered a comprehensive range of topics, from foundational AI concepts to advanced knowledge, with a special focus on business and operational workflow automation. Recapping the event Mr. Adnani stated “It was an honor and privilege to present this workshop with the forward-looking University of Cyprus. The attendance and interest from those who attended were fantastic and we, at Unity Growth, look forward to having future events at UCY.”

The interactive and hands-on approach of the workshop made it a highly productive session, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees. Using the interactive voting system at the workshop, the attendees voted that their AI and automation skills have improved and they are excited to be using the new set of skills within their day-to-day lives. The networking segment of the event proved to be particularly successful, fostering meaningful discussions and connections among participants.

Constantinos M. Savvides, Manager of Operations at C4E - University of Cyprus, stated “This successful partnership between Unity Growth and the University of Cyprus highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing educational and professional development in cutting-edge technologies like AI. The University is proud to have hosted this event, which is pivotal in promoting knowledge and skill development in AI and automation.”

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