[Apr. 20] Startup and Entrepreneurship Conference

Startup and Entrepreneurship Conference


The Startup and Entrepreneurship Conference is one of the largest events of its kind in Cyprus. Distinguished professionals, business advisors and managers from a variety of market sectors will share/discuss their experiences and explain how to successfully create and develop a new business with the best possible future prospects.


Entrepreneurship is considered to be an important mechanism to economic growth through employment, innovation and welfare effects. Against a background of high unemployment, young people’s entrepreneurship aspirations and dreams grow and mature, ready to develop. Young people realizing their potential are now ready to take charge of their own destiny. Their ambition is to have future prospects and increase their efficiency and productivity through technological changes, contributing directly to revitalizing the economy and growth, showing the path to a brighter future. A fresh and attractive idea though can never be enough. Behind every innovative idea, there should be a business plan, a marketing strategy, the right design and an applicable and flexible implementation plan. Startup entrepreneurs set up their companies in a significantly risky environment, striving to achieve growth in this highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

Agenda: you can find the agenda here.

Registration: registrations are availabel here.

For more information, visit the conference's website here.


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