Strategies for Startup Funding - Angels, VCs, and the Art of Making Them Believe in Your Startup Dream


Thomas, a seasoned tech entrepreneur and angel investor, will share insights into startup funding. This lecture explores the intricacies of securing funds, contrasting angel investors and venture capitalists. Attendees will gain an understanding of the investment landscape, learn effective fundraising strategies, and discover the art of crafting persuasive pitches. Thomas will use his extensive experience and real-life examples to guide early-stage founders through the complexities of startup funding.


C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Spring 2024


Speakers: Thomas Witt, Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Born in Berlin and now based in Cyprus, Thomas is a tech aficionado who founded his first software company right after high school. He has over two decades of experience in the tech industry. He co-founded Expedite Ventures, offering both capital and hands-on mentoring to deep tech founders. As an expert in scaling tech businesses and an angel investor, Thomas has a deep understanding of what investors seek in startups. His multifaceted expertise makes him an invaluable guide for aspiring entrepreneurs.


When: Wednesday February 7, 16:30-17:30

Where: LRC012  - Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou"/ UCY Library 


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