Disruptive Innovation, Do you want to see the Future?


‘Join me to embark on a discovery journey on the cutting-edge innovations of today, exploring the power of A.I. as the ultimate platform for revolutionizing our world. Together, we will take a look at innovation theory and uncover the origins of disruptive change, sneak peeking into the inner workings of businesses and uncovering their secrets to success. We will dive into the unconventional strategies and methods for achieving greatness, and examine how we can unveil the true essence of our 'why' with a fun exercise and a mind-blowing glimpse of the future.’


C4E 101: Series of Lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Spring 2024


Speakers: George Mouzouras, Information Technology Manager at Charalambides Christis

George Mouzouras currently serves as the Information Technology manager at Charalambides Christis. As the largest and longest-running dairy company in Cyprus moves to the Industry 4.0 era, George leads the Digital Transformation efforts, overseeing innovations and process enhancements in all steps of the chain, from production to delivery. George has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor degree in Management of Information Systems, and twenty-four years of experience in all levels of information technology in companies throughout Cyprus. Previously, he has served as a solutions implementer, systems integrator and system engineer, assisting organizations in the context of operating model design and integration as well as a consultant towards digital disruption.


When: Wednesday March 20, 16:30-17:30

Where: LRC012  - Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou"/ UCY Library 


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