Odysseas Kontovourkis

- Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture (UCY)

Nicosia, CY

Digital design thinking 3D computer modeling Additive-subtractive fabrication

Odysseas Kontovourkis, Ph.D, is currently an Assistant Professor in the area of Architectural Communication Media in the Department of Architecture at the University of Cyprus. His research interests focus on the integration of computational design and fabrication strategies with architectural design process aiming at the optimisation of architectural design and construction according to functional, structural, environmental, and morphological architectural design criteria. He explores techniques towards advanced computational design, adaptation and interaction in architectural systems and construction solutions in complex, non‐standard geometrical and design issues. Also, he explores issues related to the introduction and the active involvement of robots in the manufacturing process.

He would like to help startups by assisting them proceed with the digital design development and fabrication of their products using advanced modeling techniques and manufacturing methods.

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